Image of Gut Gruel Logo
Lisa and Vic Johnson, Co Founders of Diabetic Kitchen
Image of Vic Johnson with wife Lisa
Image of NIH Study of the role in gut microbiome in chronic disease
An X-Ray like image of the gut
Image of Gut Gruel Package
Image of hot gut gruel
Image of Cold gut gruel
Image of Gut Gruel in smoothie
Image of Beta Glucan source
Image of Omega-3 ALA source
Image of Inulin source - chicory roots
Image of Probiotics blend'
Image of Nutritional panel and directions
$ 49.99
$ 39.99
$ 10.00
$ 149.97
$ 99.00
$ 50.97
$ 299.94
$ 174.00
$ 125.94
Image of 180 Day Refund icon
Image of the logos of some of the orgs used as sources of research